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Milano, 24 Settembre 2021 – Salon Look, che si terrà a Madrid dal 22 al 24 Ottobre 2021, è la fiera di riferimento per la Spagna e il Portogallo per il settore cosmetico. Organizzata dal prestigioso ente fieristico IFEMA, tra i più rinomati in Europa, Salon Look si svilupperà

Milano 21 Settembre 2021 – Con i suoi 8.500 anni di storia la città di Istanbul è diventata un punto di riferimento per la cultura europea e asiatica. Ponte fra i due continenti, ospiterà dal 13 al 15 ottobre 2021 la fiera “Beauty Istanbul”, ormai diventata una delle fiere

12 Italian companies will participate in “hybrid” format in Almaty, the economic capital of Kazakhstan, where they will present their products to distributors from all over Central Asia.On June 14, from 14.00 to 18.00 at the Kazakhstan Hotel in Almaty, the 12 Italian companies will physically present their products

Madrid, 13 April 2021.- IFEMA MADRID launches its new strategy and brand image in an event that took place at IFEMA’s Palacio Municipal headquarters, which was attended by their Majesties the King and Queen, alongside the President of the Senate, the President of the Community of Madrid, the Minister of

Solon, Ohio, March 11, 2021- ECRM®, the global leader in driving long-term, critical business relationships for retail, foodservice and pharmacy/medical markets, announced it has reached a new milestone surpassing 100,000 curated meetings hosted on the ECRM Connectproprietary platform, which the company developed to enable buyers and sellers to engage in live, interactive digital meetings at